Postcard circa 1970s
Asheville, North Carolina
--180 Tunnel Rd

Built in 1963, the Asheville property located in the area's "motel row" featured 120 rooms, heated pool, Crown Room Restaurant, Grill Room, Gift Shop, and color TV was available.

Note that as an earlier location, the Motor Lodge's lobby used a building that was similar to the Restaurant's.

Asheville Citizen-Times 9-1-70: R. Delius
Postcards circa 1960s

Brochure views circa 1970s: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Probably converted into a Ramada Inn by the later 1970s, the property took on a "tudor' look and the restaurant became KC's Food & Spirits. Lasting as a Ramada into the 2000s, the former Horne's had become the unbranded Royal Inn by 2007.

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