Brochure circa 1960s: L. Passaro
Fayetteville, North Carolina
-- 220 S Eastern Blvd (U.S. 301)

Often featured in Horne's directories and other promotional material, the circa early 1960s Fayetteville location was sited on the then main highway for north-south travelers.

The much touted complex's brochure boasted:
 Year-round Air Conditioning
  Swimming Pool and patio
  Color Television and phones
  Extra-comfort beds
  Room Service
  Crown Room Restaurant
  Meeting Rooms and Banquet Facilities
  Circus Grille and fountain service
  Service Station on premises
  Gift and Candy Shoppe
Left: Fayetteville featured an earlier version of the Horne's towering highway sign which was topped with an illuminated-bejeweled three dimensional spinning crown!
Postcards circa 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Brochure views circa 1960s-1970s: Larry Passaro

Higher: Fayetteville's lobby was fabulously decked out in the ultra-modern style of the early 1960s! Note that it was originally a very small space with a drive under canopy which was later enclosed to enlarge the lobby.


"Horne's Motor Lodges bring you a sparkling new dimension in highway hospitality . . . in personal service . . . in sheer comfort and luxury. You'll be seeing them more and more along the great throughways. When you do . . . drive in . . . and live like a king in your roadside castle!"


Right: Reinforcing the brand, Horne's stylized crown was cleverly incorporated into the fence surrounding the swimming pool

Postcard circa 1970: Kummerlowe Archive
Brochure views circa 1960s-1970s: Courtesy of Larry Passaro

Above: "Gift Shoppe--This favorite shopper's paradise is loaded with Horne's fine candies, gourmet taste thrills, jewelry, house gifts, and exciting novelties to delight everyone's fancy--just browse around you'll see!"
Above & Below: "Circus Grille & Grille Room--There's something special about eating in Horne's famous Circus Grille . . . Whether it's a quick snack . . . a fountain delight . . . or a full dinner . . . a treat-filled interlude awaits you and the whole family under the bright gay canopy."
Further reinforcing the brand, note the repeated use of the Horne's logo in the wallpaper behind the Circus Grille. Later designed Circus Grille's employed whimsical ceiling lights that resembled so many different color balloons.
Above: "Crown Room--You'll enjoy a mealtime experience in the regal atmosphere of the Crown Room. Superb cuisine features a wide choice of fine foods along with your very special menu favorites--all temptingly prepared by expert chefs."
Below: By the 1980s, Fayetteville's Horne's Restaurant had become the Four Flames Buffet.

Photos October 22, 2007: Kummerlowe Archive
Above & Below: Perhaps surviving a long time as a Horne's and then Four Flames, the restaurant/gift shop last saw service as an Asian themed eatery.

Mr. "Patel" has SOMETHING to Hide?
After I-95 was realigned bypassing Fayetteville's motel row along U.S. 301, the fortunes of the former Horne's as well as many of the area's other motels faltered. At least for the old Horne's, it was rehabilitated in 2000 as a stuccofied and inauthentic Cendant era Howard Johnson. Although somewhat gaudy with its tacked on embellishments, the property remained remarkably recognizable as a former Horne's. Obviously a "budget" or low-end lodging facility, the property with its location well away from I-95 no longer attracts main stream highway travelers. Note the 2007 marquee advertising weekly specials and that truckers were welcome.

In October of 2007 and with usual enthusiasm I was excited to detour and quickly photograph the site with hopes of speaking to the owner or manager. After snapping a couple of shots from the public right-of-way, I entered the lobby to say hello and pick up a brochure or advertising card. However guests were being checked in and the opportunity did not present itself to speak to an employee so I left. Realizing that to my back was a view similar to what had been shown in the property's circa 1960s brochure, I turned to frame the shot. Almost immediately two "Patels" lunged at me from the lobby screaming in broken and nearly incomprehensible English for me to stop. Never have I encountered such hostility while documenting America's roadside. One of the men said that he was the "owner," and that it was "big mistake for picture take." He was completely irrational and refused to listen to any word I attempted to utter. Not desiring a police escort of any sort from the now questionable neighborhood of the former Horne's, I made a hasty retreat. I cannot but wonder, what was there that the "Patels" didn't want me to see? What could it be? And why were they so fearful of little ol' me--with a camera? Who knows... But beware and steer clear of the inhospitable Fayetteville former Horne's turned Howard Johnson!

Lower: Having lost its luster and hardly the roadside castle of modernity and luxury that it had once claimed to be, by 2000 the former Horne's motor lodge had been rebranded as a low end Howard Johnson Express Inn.

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