Postcard views postmarked 6-19-81: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Lumberton, North Carolina -- 2333 Lackey Street
Lumberton's Horne's was a standard complex and offered 100 guest rooms (all with color TV), Crown Room Restaurant, Grill Room, and Gift Shop. Well sited with excellent visibility from I-95, the bright yellow roofs of both the restaurant and lobby buildings would have been hard to miss. Unfortunately for the site, its exit did not become the primary location for roadside services in the Lumberton area, and its fortunes gradually waned. Probably during the 1970s or early 1980s the motor lodge operated as a franchised unit of Family Inns of America.
Above & Below: Save for its recycled highway sign, the Horne's retained its original layout and look after its conversion into the Family Inns brand.
At least in 1981, a room could be had for as little as $14.77!

Photos October 22, 2007: Kummerlowe Archive
Above & Below: The site's restaurant/highway stop building lasted into the 2000s, but had been demolished by 2007 and only its slab remained. A labelscar on a guest building indicated that at one point the former Horne's operated as a Coastal Inns. However more recently it has used Wyndham's low-end Knights Inn brand.

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