Wisconsin Horne's Locations:
Wisconsin Dells 
Please note that locations listed above are from Horne's directories and other sources.

Wisconsin Dells
Postcard circa 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Wisconsin Dells -- I-75 @ U.S. 41 & 441

Having expanded well beyond its Southern base while owned by the Greyhound Corporation, Horne's locations were too few and far between to realize the benefits of brand recognition through saturation in outlying territory. The unit near the Wisconsin Dells did not survive long and was converted into a Post House in early 1966.

On a diversification spree during the 1960s, Greyhound bought and sold several firms and also tinkered with its well established Post House Restaurant concept. Post Houses began in 1939 and were aimed to provide bus passengers with food and respite at terminals. Moving into new markets, change and expansion in the 1960s resulted in a new Post House concept called the "I-Highway House." The buildings featured attention-getting red roofs and were sited along the then new Interstate Highways. The Wisconsin outlet loosely fell into the I-Highway House category even though it was really just a lightly disguised Horne's.

Above: Note the Scenicruiser behind the restaurant! Included in the Post Houses were gift shops, newsstands, game rooms, and of course the restaurant. Moreover most of the sites were also Greyhound terminals.

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